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Just Add...

Welcome to the "Just Add" family, where each project weaves a unique thread into the vibrant tapestry of community, creativity, and care. Our journey began with Just Add Bark & Bond (formerly Just Add Rover), an ode to our four-legged friends and the joy they bring to events and families worldwide. Emboldened by the pawsitive impact, we're expanding our vision to nurture the human spirit and foster connections across diverse walks of life.


Just Add Creative

Just Add... is delighted to welcome a Lake Worth Beach, Florida initiative to its expanding family. Birthed in 2021, Just Add Creative (formerly known as F Street Cubed) is rooted in a mission to empower and connect people through art, pre-dating even Just Add Bark & Bond. With our Craft Kit Takeout, we've distributed over 1,000 craft kits each year, sparking joy and creativity across a diverse tapestry of lives. Alongside this, our Sharing Studio serves as a communal canvas, inviting all to contribute their artwork or find a piece that speaks to them. It's a place where expression is shared freely, and each creation becomes a thread in the fabric of our community, touching the lives of children, veterans, those experiencing homelessness, families in need, and grandparents seeking meaningful experiences with their grandchildren.


Just Add Moments (JAM) (Coming in 2024)

Anticipation grows for Just Add Moments, a visionary project set to unfurl in 2024. While details are still budding, our mission is rooted in crafting enduring experiences and lasting memories. Stay tuned as we shape this initiative into a beacon of hope and connection.

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