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Pick Your Lead: Share Your Preferred Leash Style for Dog-Friendly Events!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

What Type of Leash Do You Prefer to Use When Attending Dog-Friendly Events?

  • Standard Leash

  • Retractable Leash

  • Adjustable Leash

  • Hands-Free (Waist Belt Leash)

When it comes to attending events with our furry friends, safety and control are key. The choice of leash can make all the difference in your and your dog's comfort and security. At Just Add Rover, we're curious about your preferences and are dedicated to sharing insights that can enhance our collective dog event experiences. Take a moment to let us know: What type of leash do you prefer for dog-friendly events, and do you pair it with a harness for extra safety?

Please see below for descriptions of each leash type. If you usually pair your leash with a harness for added safety and comfort, we'd love to hear about it in the comments!

  • Standard Leash: A traditional fixed-length leash, usually made of nylon, leather, or rope, that provides consistent control and is typically used for daily walks and training.

  • Retractable Leash: A leash with a cord or belt that extends and retracts from a handle, allowing a dog more freedom to explore while still being under the owner's control. It features a locking mechanism to set the length as needed.

  • Adjustable Leash: This versatile leash can change in length due to additional clips, loops, or a buckle, allowing for more flexibility in how it’s used – from a short lead for training to a longer one for more freedom.

  • Hands-Free (Waist Belt) Leash: Designed to loop around the owner's waist or across the body, leaving hands free while the dog is attached, ideal for running, hiking, or tasks requiring both hands.

  • No Leash (in off-leash areas): This option is for dogs that are under voice control and can freely roam in designated off-leash areas.

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