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Guidelines for Interviews at Just Add Bark & Bond

Who We Interview

At Just Add Bark & Bond, we are passionate about the world of dog events and all the vibrant characters within it. We aim to cover a diverse range of roles, including but not limited to:

  • Dog event organizers

  • Vendors at dog-friendly events (pet artists, authors, photographers, sellers of pet products, etc.)

  • Companies offering products useful for attendees or organizers of dog events

  • Dog behavior experts providing advice on stress-free event experiences for dogs

Our Criteria

Inclusivity & Safety: We prioritize events or activities that are inclusive and adhere to safety guidelines.

Global Perspective: Our interest spans across borders. We aim to feature perspectives from around the globe.

No Fees: We don't charge for interviews. Our primary goal is to share insights and experiences.

Publication Schedule: While we previously published interviews as they were completed, we are moving to a regular schedule. Interviews will be published on Wednesdays. However, if an event is imminent, we'll post the related interview promptly to ensure timely promotion.

Accuracy & Views: The responses in our interviews reflect the personal opinions and views of the interviewees. While they don't necessarily represent Just Add Bark & Bond's official policy, we endeavor to present accurate and reliable information. However, we don't endorse or certify the information and cannot guarantee its accuracy or timeliness.

Editorial Integrity & Promotional Materials:

At Just Add Bark & Bond, our commitment to editorial integrity is paramount. While we enthusiastically support the events and services beneficial to our community of dog lovers, we maintain a policy of authenticity in our visual content. To this end, we refrain from using marketing advertisements or promotional images as the main feature image of our interviews and stories. This practice ensures that our readers receive genuine, editorially-driven content that aligns with our mission to inform and inspire, without the influence of external marketing.

Promotional materials provided by interviewees or event organizers may be included within the body of an article to enhance the reader's understanding of the topic or event. However, the selection and placement of such materials will be at the discretion of Just Add Bark & Bond, ensuring that our editorial standards are upheld.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why do you interview people from the dog event domain?

A: We believe in celebrating the bond between humans and their dogs. By interviewing experts in this domain, we provide resources, inspiration, and practical advice for our community.

Q: Do interviewees have to pay for their interviews to be featured?

A: No, there are no charges for the interviews. Our goal is to share valuable insights and experiences.

Q: Can I suggest an event or expert for an interview?

A: Absolutely! We're always open to suggestions and eager to cover diverse perspectives.

Q: How often do you post interviews?


A: We aim to post interviews on Wednesdays each week. However, if an interview pertains to an upcoming event, we might post it sooner to ensure timely promotion.

Q: Are the views in the interviews Just Add Rover's official stance?

A: No, the responses in our interviews reflect the personal opinions and views of the interviewees and don't necessarily represent Just Add Bark & Bond's official policy.

Editor's Pick Guidelines

Editor's Pick Guidelines

The Editor's Picks on Just Add Bark & Bond are a curated selection of events that I believe truly stand out. My selection process is based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness of the Event: I am always on the lookout for events that bring something fresh and innovative to the table. Whether it's the event's theme, participants, activities, or impact, I value originality and creativity.

  • Global Representation: In the spirit of celebrating diversity and global unity, I strive to feature events from various locations around the world. Highlighting events from different countries and cultures enriches the content and provides a more comprehensive and inclusive view of the world of events.

  • Impact of the Event: I prioritize events that make a significant positive impact, whether it's on a community, a cause, or the world at large. Events with a strong social or environmental commitment often find their way into the Editor's Picks.

  • Reader Engagement: I value the preferences and interests of the Just Add Bark & Bond community. Events that generate significant interaction, such as clicks, comments, or shares, have a good chance of being selected. This ensures that the Editor's Picks align with what readers are genuinely interested in.

  • Timeliness: The Editor's Picks are updated on a running basis to ensure that the selection remains current and relevant. I strive to feature upcoming events wherever possible to provide readers with the opportunity to participate or attend.

(Please note that the Editor's Picks are carefully selected by me and are subject to change. While I strive to provide a balanced selection, the nature of events means that not all great events can be featured.)

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